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Need a HOTS level 40 account with enough Gold to keep on playing?  Then you should get yourself a Premium Heroes of the Storm Account, top-leveled in Germany and with the following achievements:

  • Account already at max level 40!
  • 50K+ Gold (or a bit more) on the account. No heroes purchased.
  • You can choose your desired Battletag.
  • Both Hero League and Team League unlocked.
  • Account registered and leveled in Germany. Germany as country of residence, of course.

Tips from our pros:

Buy 6 heroes for 2000 Gold each if you want to play in the Hero League (E.T.C, Muradin, Valla, Raynor, Malfurion und LiLi). This way you already have 6 of the 10 most useful Heroes in the Hero League. And if you buy any 2 heroes from the 4000 Gold ones (Sonya, Anub'arak, Illidan, Tychus, Tassadar, Gazlowe) you’ll already have 8 of the 10 most useful Heroes. Then you still have 30k Gold you can use to buy 4 heroes for 7k each or 3 for 10k, i.e., you can still choose among the following great Heroes:

  • 4 Heroes for 7k Gold each: Stitches, Arthas, Diablo, Tyrael, Kerrigan, Falstad, Uther, Rehgar, Tyrande, Sergeant Hammer or Murky
  • 3 Heroes for 10k Gold each: Chen, Johanna, Nova, Zeratul, Jaina, Thrall, Kael'Thas, Brightwing, Nazeebo, Abathur, Azmodan, Sylvanas or The lost Vikings, The Butcher, Leoric
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