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Buy your Pokémon account now!

Here you can get a new Pokémon account that enables you to enter the fantastic world of Pokémon GO with absolute top preconditions. You will receive the information about your new Pokémon Account via email within the stated delivery time after the successful processing of your order.

- Level 32
- 15+ rare Pokémon like Dragonite, Snorlax etc. with at least 2000 CP value
- 30+ Pokémon with at least 95% IVs
-50+ different Pokémon
-100+ Pokémon in Pokédex
-750,000+ stardust
- Team & Ingame-Name freely selectable Enough candy for Pokémon powering up or evolving

Here you can get a Pokémon account that enables you to enter the world of Pokémon GO with absolute top preconditions. The amount of Pokémon and stardust each is random, but in the amount range given above.

Your new Pokémon account will save you a deal of time. It’s actually a Pokemon Trainer Club Account. This way you can easily stay logged into your Android system with your usual Google account and play with your newly purchased Pokémon Go account! We haven’t chosen any Team name, Ingame name, nor starting Pokémon for you so you can be free to personalise your new account the way you like it!

WARNING: We'll grant you access to your account for 15 days!

Further Information

Further Information

Delivery time 0-1 h
Delivery Method Account Data via E-Mail


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