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Vaal Lightning Strike

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Product Description


Vaal Lightning Strike
Active skill gem
KeywordsLightning, Vaal, Attack, Melee, Duration
Required Level10
Souls Per Use32, 48, 64
Can Store3 Use
Per 1% Quality+1% increased duration
Infuses your melee weapon with electrical energies as you swing. In addition to converting some of your physical damage to lightning damage, the stored energy is forced into the enemy as you strike, electrically charging them for a duration, during which lightning will arc between them and other nearby enemies, dealing damaging. This occurs even if the attack is dodged.
X% Increased Physical Damage
50% of Physical Damage converted to Lightning Damage
Base Duration is 5.00 seconds
50% less Damage on Beams
Can't be Evaded

Further Information

Further Information

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