Who is Randy?

RandyRun is Europe's top provider of virtual currencies, items, leveling services, MMOs accounts and sports games. RandyRun also provides Game Keys and Game Cards for all current games. RandyRun started up in the year 2000, leading the way in expanding this relatively new market. But what exactly is RandyRun?

RandyRun gives you the chance to have your own personal virtual assistant, Randy. He deals with all those annoying and time-consuming ingame activities and is responsible for providing you with Gold, items, mounts, accounts, and leveling services, as well as delivering Game Keys and Game Cards within minutes!

His promise to you: You won't need spending one more night farming gold again. You’ll never have to lose contact with your guild or friends again. You’ll be able to focus on things that you truly enjoy. That’s because RandyRun’s motto is:

"No work. Just fun. With RandyRun"

Randy has long since become a reliable giant in the online gaming industry. In his previous websites (3dsvs.com, ingameservice.com) Randy built up a network of first class contacts. Randy knows the best pro power gamers, the fastest gold farmers, the most tenacious price hagglers, the most capable programmers and the most competent supporters.

With regards to security, reliability, speed, and customer service, RandyRun sets standards that are simply not met by the competition. RandyRun GmbH is a German company with both its head office and administration office located in Germany. Our qualified supporters speak English in addition to German, of course, and will help you take care of any issues you may run across while waiting for your goods. A number of our supporters are also fluent in several foreign languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Danish. So e-mails sent in those languages are also not a problem.

Why is that important? You should know that you’re leaving your valuable game character in competent hands. Just get to know Randy for yourself!